Leadership Circle Profile 1.5

Coming October 21, 2019

The Universal Model of Leadership has become the global standard for leadership. As we’ve grown, we have collected an increasing amount of data from global leaders, creating a fully international database. As a result, the Leadership Circle Profile and LCP Manager Edition provided us the opportunity to create a global reference norm group that closely reflects a representative cross-section of leaders around the world. This will help leaders gain a better understanding of where they stand with respect to other leaders around the world. We are calling this LCP 1.5.


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Global Reference Norm Group

  • Individual leaders are compared against a static global norm group of participants that closely reflects the population and characteristics of leaders around the world.

  • When a leader sees their results, they’ll know exactly how they compare to a standardized global norm.

Standardized Scoring

  • Percentiles are computed based on a more standardized method. Raw scores are first transformed into t-scores, or standard scores. This sounds complicated but it is commonly used in IQ scoring. Each t-score is then converted to a percentile based on the normal distribution of scores in the global reference norm base.

  • We will not report out t-scores on the report, but we felt it was helpful for you to know, in addition to updating our global norms, we are enhancing the calculations for percentile rankings.

Compassionate Scoring

  • We have heard from some of you that the scoring can be experienced as a bit harsh. While this scoring is accurate, it can leave some individuals feeling overwhelmed.

  • To help, we are putting a base on Creative scores at the 5th percentile. For example, if one were to be rated at the 1st percentile in
    Integrity, it would show as the 5th percentile on their LCP reports.

  • Those rated in the bottom fifth percentile are well below average and there is no statistically meaningful difference between the first percentile and the fifth.


  • When ordering a LCP report for a leader that has prior LCP reports, the system will automatically regenerate all previous reports, using the same email, with the LCP 1.5 scoring. This will allow for a more direct comparison across reports.

  • The Report Cover will read, “V1.5” to distinguish between the databases.

More About LCP 1.5

Learn about LCP 1.5 directly from Bob Anderson, Founder of The Leadership Circle.


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