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Leadership Circle Profile 1.5

The Leadership Circle Profile, LCP, has evolved many times over the years- from how it looks, the underlying scoring, to how it’s used by leaders. As the LCP has become a global standard, it’s important to continuously update the database to accurately match the current trend of global leadership.


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Norm Base

  • Each leader who takes the survey will be compared against a global norm base that accurately reflects the population of leaders around the world

  • As TLC’s database has grown internationally, we now have the ability to create a globally standardized norm group

  • When a leader sees their results, they’ll know exactly how they compare to a standardized global norm

Standardized Scoring

  • An improved method of calculating percentiles will help with the processing speed of reports, as well as smooth out some fluctuations in percentile scores that have resulted from a constantly growing norm base.

Compassionate Scoring

  • We have heard from some of you that the scoring in the new system can be experienced as a bit harsh (i.e., very low Creative and high Reactive). While this scoring is accurate, it can leave some individuals feeling overwhelmed.

  • To help, we are putting a base on Creative scores at the 5th percentile. For example, if one were to be rated at the 2nd percentile in
    Integrity, it would show as the 5th percentile on their LCP reports.


  • When ordering an LCP report for a leader that has prior LCP report(s), the system will automatically generate all previous reports using LCP 1.5 database.

  • This will allow for a more direct comparison across reports. The Report Cover will read, “V1.5” to distinguish between the databases.


More About the LCP 1.5

For more information on LCP 1.5 watch this previously recorded webinar or for Frequently Asked Questions click here.

Custom Demographics

Custom demographics will be available with the release of LCP 2.0. With this feature, you will be able to compare certain demographic groups, i.e. region, industry, management level, to compare your leaders. As soon as we have a release date for LCP 2.0, we will announce it to the community.

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