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Leadership Circle Profile 1.5

New and exciting changes are taking place with the Leadership Circle Profile, an evolution, providing a more accurate picture of leadership.

Why Change the Profile?

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) has changed many times over the years – from how it looks, the underlying scoring, to how it is used by leaders. At the heart of the LCP lies The Universal Model of Leadership, and our understanding of that model is constantly evolving. With new developments, research, and trends within the framework the Profile itself needs adjustment.


LCP 1.5

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Leadership Circle Profile and Evolution

Why do Assessments like the LCP evolve over time?

  • Increasing database = greater freedom

  • Continuous improvement

  • Global Leadership trends change over time

  • Industry changes

  • Customer and user feedback

  • New ideas come into view

Norm Base

Norm Base:

With LCP 1.5, each leader that takes the survey will be compared against a global norm base that accurately reflects the population of leaders around the world. Now, when a leader sees their results, they’ll know exactly how they stack up against the average global leader.

  • New norm base will be more in line with current global leadership demographics and trends.

  • Norm base will be smaller, will match real global leadership, and will become set (with periodic reviews).

Intended Benefits for Norm Base:

  • A main question the LCP seeks to answer for a leader is: “How do I stack up against the average global leader?”

  • Additional confidence in telling your clients that the LCP is a true global instrument that is well researched.

  • Freezing the norm base will prevent ongoing movement in percentile scores.

Standardized Scoring

Standardized Scoring:

An improved method of calculating percentiles will help with the processing speed of reports, as well as smooth out some inconsistencies we’ve been seeing in how the percentiles on reports are generated.

  • Each raw score will continue to be scored against it’s respective norm group (i.e., peers to peers)

  • Each score is assigned a T-score (a “standard score”)

  • Each standard score is converted to a percentile that is reported

  • Using “standard scores” is a more sophisticated, statistically sound method of deriving percentiles

Intended Benefits for Standardization:

  • It will decrease report processing time.

  • Along with the global norm base update, a raw score will always equal the same percentile over time.

Compassionate Scoring

Compassionate Scoring:

  • Creative percentile scores between 0 – 4 will show as the 5th percentile on participant reports/graphs.

  • The raw scores remain untouched.

  • A footnote on reports will make note of the compassionate scoring changes.

Intended Benefits for Compassionate Scoring:

  • A balance between courage and compassion.

  • Reduction in avoidable distractions and negative feelings in certain participants with harsh reports.

Retakes and Demographics


What is a “Retake”?

  • The Retake is an LCP that is taken for a 2nd (or more) time to check on progress made from their original LCP. This is a powerful benchmark of progress for participants when compared with their original LCP.

LCP 1.5 effects on Retakes:

  • A LCP 1.5 retake may not be an “apples to apples” comparison when comparing against an old LCP report, prior to the LCP 1.5 rollout.

  • To better serve the participant the original report can be updated to the new version to reflect the new norm base for an accurate benchmark against the Retake 1.5.

The “original” report will need to manually updated in order to reflect the new norm base within the LCP 1.5:

  • How to run the *retake process:

    • The Project Center will be able to update reports automatically to reflect the LCP 1.5 changes.

    • When generating a retake report, the Project Center will automatically produce the original report updated on LCP 1.5, so both new (retake) and old (original) reports will use the new norm base.

    • Make sure you then provide both reports to your participant, and instruct him/her to disregard their original report.

*Note: before LCP 1.5 is implemented, please follow these guidelines when conducting retake LCPs.

Intended Benefits for Retakes:

  • Easy to use, automatic, sets practitioner up for success

  • A truer measure of participant progress

  • Reduction in confusion regarding report interpretations



  • With LCP 1.5, you will be able to select certain demographic groups (i.e., region, industry, management level) to compare their leaders. In addition to seeing how a leader compares against our global norm, they could also see how they compare against all leaders in another country.

Intended Benefits for Demographics:

  • Leaders get to see how they compare against relevant groups

  • Deeper insights for practitioners to explore

  • Intel for client organizations on their leadership

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For more information on how to navigate the LCP 1.5 in Project Center and how to utilize the LCP 1.5 Retake with your clients.

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