You are now part of a large and growing international network of organizational consultants and executive coaches who have joined the "TLC Community".

You have been set up as a Certified Consultant and will be ready to go once you have completed the steps outlined below.

All of us at The Leadership Circle want to ensure that your experience with TLC assessments provide a meaningful pathway and developmental process for you and your clients.  Please feel free to call on any of us to answer questions and assist you in any way. 
We are looking forward to getting to know you better and creating regular connection through our community of practice.

Here is a range of information, to get you started:


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Your Next Steps:

1. Watch “TLC Profile Statistics – Validity & Reliability” Webinar:


2. Certified Coach/Consulting Support

As a TLC Certified Coach/Consultant you are entitled to:

  • 90 free minutes to use with a TLC Faculty Member or TLC Senior Coach who will assist you with an Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) or Leadership Circle Profile - Manager Edition (LCP-ME) interpretation. We suggest you take advantage of this complimentary mentoring to assist you in fine-tuning your preparation of your first LCP or LCP-ME debrief. It provides you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared for your first client debrief.

  • A complimentary Profile or Manager Edition Profile, with PDF fulfillment (Graph, Report and Interpretation Manual).

We ask that you connect with a TLC Faculty Member or TLC Senior Coach to book your debriefing support/supervision session before you do your first client debrief. You are then required to follow this up with a post debrief session. A list of approved TLC Faculty Members and Senior Coaches will be provided upon completion of your Reflective Learning Exercise or upon request when you are completing steps 2 and 3 in parallel.

For this part of your certification journey, we suggest using the Complimentary Profile that is available to you. Include the words "COMP LCP" in the billing information on the final order page and TLC will correctly issue the invoice recording the use of your Complimentary Profile. Please note that the delivery fee will be added to this invoice.

Please email alittletlc@theleadershipcircle.com to be connected with an experienced TLC Faculty Member or TLC Senior Coach to schedule your Support/Supervision Session.


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TLC Project Center Website

Log in here:


(Use the Forgot/Create password? feature to reset your password if needed)


Access User Guides

Please login to TLC Go to Access these



Here are videos that walk you through creating a Profile project, managing your Profile project, accessing reports, etc.


The information that you will need when Ordering a Profile:

1. Name of (participant’s) Organization
2. Type of Industry (participant’s)
3. Group or title of participant (Leadership Team, CEO, etc.)
4. Do you want to include Short or Long comments (we suggest Long Comments)
5. Completion date for self-survey and receiving evaluator feedback
6. Run Report date - this is usually the next business day after the Completion Date, with delivery usually within 5-7 days.
7. Participant name and email address
8. Evaluator names and email addresses if you are setting up for your Participants

Getting Started:

Ordering a Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

To Order an LCP, log into the Project Centre, and through the Available Action buttons

1. Set up a new Client
2. Order a Product for that Client (LCP or LCP-ME)
3. Note that the Welcome TLC Emails go when you click "Send Email" or "Send all new Emails" (found in the "Available Actions > Edit Participant List for …” after clicking on the Product Group name)
4. You are billed by TLC for the order placed, within 7-14 days of the Completion Date
5. Your printed reports for Profile and Binder are delivered to you 5-7 days after Completion Date

For more information on ordering a profile, you can view a webinar recording here: 



Want us to take the headache out of project administration? Check out our Concierge Menu for options that allow us to manage all your projects needs. Let us help you focus on what you do best, serving your clients needs.


Reminder of Our Cancellation Policy:

You are billed for the profile when the reports are run and the order completed. In the event that you cancel the profile order after it has gone live, you will be billed 50% of the price, provided that the report has not been printed.  You are responsible for the full price when the report has been printed.  For this reason, we encourage you to obtain a financial commitment from your client before ordering your LCP or LCP-ME or LCS.

TLC Go! and Other Useful Resources:


Log in to TLC Go! for all TLC Resources

TLC Go! will be your one stop shop where you will find many, many resources to help you with The Leadership Circle.  Please login and see the two different portfolios you have access to. In the LCP Certification Materials you will find all the certification materials (decks, binder, manuals, etc.) in digital format. In the TLC Practitioner Resources portfolio, you will find White papers, helpful PowerPoint decks, brochures, video resources, sample reports, etc.


Quick Links for Some Important Files:

– All can be found in TLC Go! Please login for access

Your Client Services Team


Reach us at alittletlc@theleadershipcircle.com

phone: (800) 895-0399

If you have any questions or when you are ready for some assistance please contact us - we are here to guide and support you.


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