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Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Welcome to the information site for your certification! We are thrilled to welcome you to the growing community of over 4000 certified practitioners world-wide. In the sections below, you will find all the information you need to help you make this experience truly life-changing. Check back regularly to ensure you have all the most current updates. Can't find the information you're looking for? Please reach out to us!

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Nicole Oxborrow -  (385) 321-2233  |  nicole@theleadershipcircle.com


The Certification Process

What to Expect at Certification

You will find that every day of the certification is packed with great experiences. The atmosphere will be casual and intimate. Dress code is business-casual, make sure you are comfortable. Your fellow participants will be supportive and instructive. It is a very collaborative experience. Your facilitator will guide the learning process with expert skill and you will find yourself taking copious notes. Be prepared for a rich and engaging three days. Don't be surprised if you develop lasting and valuable connections with your group.


Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided. A group dinner (optional) will be hosted by your facilitator(s) soon after Day 2 concludes. Please contact Nicole Oxborrow with any dietary restrictions/interests at least 15 days prior to the session so appropriate arrangements can be made. 


The logistical information for your specific certification will be emailed to you as soon as it becomes available. Please be on the lookout and make sure @theleadershipcircle.com is added to your address book.

LA January 2018 (2).jpg
This certification affected me at a surprisingly deep level. The presentation itself was artful and the assessment tool is incomparable.
— Thomas Dunford, participant

Required Prework

Complete your personal Leadership Circle Profile (LCP):

You will receive an e-mail from notifications@theleadershipcircle.com. It will include your personal assessment link and instructions on how to log-on to The Leadership Circle® 360. (You will want to do this as soon as possible so that you and your evaluators have the time needed to accommodate this request and respond.) 

Step One:    Watch for your login email -

Please add notifications@theleadershipcircle.com to your email address book to avoid the email going to spam or junk folder.

Step Two:    Determine your Evaluators - 

To begin the survey process you must add at least 5 evaluators before you are able to take your self-survey. To see breakout data in the categories you must have feedback from at least 3 raters minus Boss and Boss’ boss as those categories are reported separately.

Step Three:   Complete your Self-Assessment

Step Four:     LCP Introduction to your Feedback with your TLC Coach

For more details you please view the Survey Process Guide


Your LCP Feedback Session with your coach must be completed prior to Certification.

If you have completed your LCP but not yet been contacted by a TLC certified practitioner to schedule the session, please contact Molly Moore at molly.moore@theleadershipcircle.com or (612) 940-9441.

Helpful Pre-Reading/Video:

Please read and watch the following before arriving at certification. A good exposure to these materials will help you to dive into the significant amount of information that will be covered.

White Paper - The Spirit of Leadership

White Paper - Leadership: Uncommon Sense

Book Intro - Mastering Leadership (Intro)


Meet Your Facilitators

The Leadership Circle boasts some of the most amazing facilitators you will ever have the chance to study with. With backgrounds ranging from C-Suite to entrepreneurs and coaches, our facilitators have worked with and for some of the largest and most notable companies around the globe—changing the leadership landscape over the last 30 plus years. Their in-depth knowledge of The Leadership Circle Profile and how it both transforms individual leadership consciousness as well as organization-wide bottom line business results, are key to helping you serve your clients in the best possible way. You are in for a treat no matter which of these folks are facilitating your certification.

Gayle Karen Young3 crop.jpeg

Gayle Karen Young

Gayle Karen Young is a culture-builder and a catalyst for human and organizational development. She comes from a rich organizational consulting background with both corporate and nonprofit clients. She has been instrumental in introducing The Leadership Circle to our CEO Bill Adams which has led to the company we are today. Born in the Philippines to Chinese parents and raised in the United States, she has a multicultural perspective, an adventurous spirit, and a deep commitment to expanding human freedom. Read her full bio here.


Michael O'Connor

Mike is often known as the face of TLC - as he personally knows almost every member of the entire TLC Certified Practitioner Community. As our VP of Business Development, he may be your facilitator, or he or one of his team-mates will be onsite to assist with anything you may need during the event. Mike is a great guy and he'll bend over backward to get you whatever you need to succeed with The Leadership Circle tools. Read his full bio here.


Lisa Scott

Lisa is dedicated to the idea that people are incredibly capable and often have more strengths than they are aware of. Her warm, engaging and very direct style is client focused, and results oriented. She is a skilled TLC Facilitator effectively drawing on the unique combination of her experiences as a counsellor, a business leader and entrepreneur, an MBA and best-in-class coaching credentials. 


Chris Jones

Chris has a passion for leadership development and organizational effectiveness. He combines his extensive executive insight with best in class coaching credentials, management consulting expertise and high impact training and facilitation techniques. Chris' deep understanding of both operational and strategic business and leadership issues provides the perfect lens for training leadership coaches and consultants around The Leadership Circle Profile.

Shameen Sadiq.jpg

Shahmeen Sadiq

Shahmeen is passionate about supporting those she trains to use The Leadership Circle to create sustainable results and improved business performance for their clients. She is renowned for her fiercely loving authenticity and her ability to help leaders uncover and, if required, change their stories so they can become more purposeful, inspiring and effective. Read her full bio here.

Steve Athey AUG2015 small.jpg

Steve Athey

Steve combines a profound curiosity about life with a deep belief in the inherent potential of people. With an integrated approach to long term development, he specializes in helping executives and their teams reach their full performance potential. A master coach, Steve is committed to helping those he teaches maximize not only their contribution with the Leadership Circle Profile but their personal experience of leadership. Read his full bio here.

dave shrader crop.jpeg

Dave Schrader

Dave is a seasoned leadership development consultant with over 25 years of experience supporting senior and mid-level leaders as they increase the quality of their engagement where it counts the most for strategic success. Dave brings rich depth, experience, and warmth to every certification he facilitates. Read his full bio here.

david spach Summit crop.jpg

David Spach

David loves helping leaders build on their natural strengths, overcome situational barriers, accelerate their development and lead through complexity. His experience with challenging business transformations provides a unique lens to learning about The Leadership Circle Profile. You'll love his in-depth knowledge and laid back style. Read his full bio here.


Betsy Leatherman

Betsy brings deep passion and high energy to those she trains, which helps them develop their leadership strength and connect with their customers and communities in ways they had not previously thought possible. In her role as President of The Leadership Circle, Betsy loves connecting and interacting with our amazing community of Leadership Circle Certified Practitioners. You will find her to be enthusiastic, knowledgable, motivating, and easy to connect with. Betsy finds great pleasure and satisfaction in her work, and it's easy to spot. Read her full bio here. 


Bob Anderson

Bob is the founder and chairman of The Leadership Circle. Bob created The Leadership Circle Profile and is adept at helping those he trains grasp the intricacies and nuance of the tool as well as how it is built upon the Universal Model of Leadership. If you are fortunate enough to have Bob be your facilitator, you are in for a treat! Read his full bio here. 

Bill - my favorite-127 CROPPED.jpg

Bill Adams

Bill is the CEO of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group. Bill loves the opportunity to facilitate certifications when he gets the chance as he is passionate about building relationships with our amazing community members, and helping them grow their leadership and businesses. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started, owned and sold multiple businesses himself. Bill brings thirty years of coaching experience including working with the CEOs of major Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and private equity start-ups.  Read his full bio here. 

Have you registered for the Collective Leadership Certification?

Our additional day-long Collective Leadership Certification is a companion certification for consultants who work with leadership teams / leadership cultures. Participants become certified in The Collective Leadership Assessment and learn ways to work with the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report.

Many Leadership Circle Profile Certification dates have this as a follow-up companion certification, one day later. It's an easy way to stick around and scale your influence and impact as a leadership consultant by providing you with an efficient and powerful collective leadership assessment to help leadership teams become aware of their impact. You are welcome to attend a session immediately following your certification, or any one on the future. Click the link to see dates and registration options.