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Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Welcome to The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific information site for your certification, where you'll find more details about our foundational programs:

1.     The Leadership Circle Profile Certification (C1) – 3 days

2.     The Collective Leadership Certification (CLC) – 1 day (following C1)

If you haven’t registered yet, we invite you to review the information below. If you have registered we are thrilled that you can join us! Below you will find all the information you need. Book mark this page for easy reference so you can check back regularly to ensure you have the most current updates. 

Can’t find the information you’re looking for?  Please contact Cherie Carter at register@theleadershipcircle.com.au or call +612 8001 6570.


The Certification Process

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What to Expect at Certification


You will find that every day of the certification is packed with great experiences. The atmosphere will be casual and intimate. Dress code is business-casual, make sure you are comfortable. Your fellow participants will be supportive and instructive. It is a very collaborative experience. Your facilitator will guide the learning process with expert skill and you will find yourself taking copious notes. Be prepared for a rich and engaging three days. Don't be surprised if you develop lasting and valuable connections with your group.


Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided. On Wednesday, we will have a special group dinner for those who would like to attend. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let Nicole Oxborrow know by April 10th so appropriate arrangements can be made. 


The logistical information for your specific certification will be emailed to you as soon as it come available. Please be on the lookout and make sure @theleadershipcircle.com is added to your address book.

This certification affected me at a surprisingly deep level. The presentation itself was artful and the assessment tool is incomparable.
— Thomas Dunford, participant

Meet Your Facilitators


Betsy Leatherman

Betsy Leatherman is the president of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group. You will find her to be enthusiastic, knowledgable, motivating, and easy to connect with. Betsy finds great pleasure and satisfaction in her work, and it's easy to spot. Read her full bio here. 

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Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Connor, our VP of Business Development, he or one of his team-mates will also be onsite to assist with anything you need during the event. Mike is a great guy and he'll bend over backward to get you the tools you need to succeed with The Leadership Circle tools.


Required Prework

Complete your personal Leadership Circle Profile (LCP):

You will receive an e-mail from notifications@theleadershipcircle.com. It will include your personal assessment link and instructions on how to log-on to The Leadership Circle® 360. (You will want to do this as soon as possible so that you and your evaluators have the time needed to accommodate this request and respond.)

Step One:  Watch for your login email

Step Two:  Determine Your Evaluators

Step Three: Complete your Self-Assessment

Step Four: LCP Debrief Session with your TLC Coach

It is important to have your LCP debrief completed prior to Certification. If you have not yet been contacted by an LCP Practitioner to schedule the debrief, please contact Molly Moore at molly.moore@theleadershipcircle.com or (612) 940-9441.

Required readings:

Please read the following before arriving at certification. A good exposure to these materials will help you to dive into the significant amount of information that will be covered.


Mastering Leadership (Intro)

Post Certification Requirements

You will receive more information about your post certification requirements during the certification workshop. These requirements include:

•    Completing a Reflective Learning Exercise within two weeks of program completion.

•    Ordering and debriefing a Leadership Circle Profile, then arranging a post debrief supervision session to discuss and reflect on your experience. A complimentary LCP is provided as part of the workshop.


Once you have completed your Post Certification requirements, you will be setup as a Certified Consultant and receive information about how to access TLC resources and support from our Client Services Team.

Have you registered for the Collective Leadership Certification?

Our additional day-long Collective Leadership Certification is a companion certification for consultants who work with leadership teams / leadership cultures. Participants become certified in The Leadership Culture Survey, and learn ways to work with the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report.

Most Leadership Circle Profile Certification dates have this as a follow-up companion certification, one day later. It's an easy way to stick around and scale your influence and impact as a leadership consultant by providing you with an efficient and powerful collective leadership assessment to help leadership teams become aware of their impact.

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