You are now part of a large and growing international network of organisational consultants and
executive coaches who have joined the
"The Leadership Circle (TLC) Community".

For those of you who attended Certification as a Refresh, the information below will not be new to you, however we welcome you refreshing your knowledge of our systems and resources.

To those of you who are new to The Leadership Circle (TLC), you now have access to place orders as a Certified Consultant and will be fully certified once you have completed your Post Certification requirements, as outlined below.

All of us at The Leadership Circle want to ensure that your experience with TLC assessments provide a meaningful pathway and developmental process for you and your clients.  Please feel free to call on any of us to answer questions and assist you in any way. You’ll find a list of our Client Services Team members at the bottom of this page.
We are looking forward to getting to know you better and creating regular connection through our Community of Practice. Look out for invitation emails about upcoming events.

Below is a range of information, to get you started!


Your Next Steps to Completing Certification

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1. Watch “TLC Profile Statistics – Validity & Reliability” Webinar:

2. Complete the Reflective Learning Exercise.

Ideally we encourage you to complete this in the two to four weeks following Certification to further embed your learning (electronic copy is available via the following link):

Please complete and return this open book exercise to jodi.robertson@theleadershipcircle.com.au

3. Certified Coach/Consulting Support

As a TLC Certified Coach/Consultant you are entitled to:

  • 60 free minutes to use with a TLC Executive Coach who will assist you with an Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) or Leadership Circle Profile - Manager Edition (LCP-ME) interpretation (plus up to 30 minutes follow up if required). We suggest you take advantage of this complimentary mentoring to assist you in fine-tuning your preparation of your first LCP or LCP-ME debrief. It provides you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared for your first client debrief.

  • A complimentary LCP or LCP-ME e-Profile (with comments) which you can use in tandem with your 60 minute coaching session as outlined above.

We ask that you connect with our TLC Executive Coach to book your debriefing support/supervision session before you do your first client debrief.

For this part of your certification journey, we suggest using the Complimentary e-Profile that is available to you. TLC will provide you with a special Promotional Code to access your complimentary e-profile.  Insert this code when setting up your TLC Project (look out for the "Promo Code" field) and TLC AP will correctly issue the invoice recording the use of your Complimentary e-Profile. 

Please email your Client Services Team representative or projectsupport@theleadershipcircle.com.au  for assistance with your Complimentary e-Profile or to be connected with our TLC Executive Coach to schedule your Support/Supervision Session.

N.B. You may complete Steps 2 & 3 in parallel.

In other words you do not need to have completed your Reflective Learning Exercise (RLE) before you place your first order - however we would like your commitment that you will complete the RLE by the time you schedule your post debrief supervision session.


TLC Project Center Website

The Project Center is a unique site used by Certified Consultants only. From this site you will be able to place orders, track progress, send reminders, view reports, etc. 

Log In Here:

Access The Project Center:

  1. Enter the Email address used for your TLC Profile as part of Certification.

  2. Click on the Forgot/Create Password? link, re-enter your email and click on the "Send me Reset Password Instructions" Button. Watch for the "Reset password instructions" email in your in box or junk folder. Click the "Create Password" link in the email and you'll be taken to a page where you can enter a "New Password".

  3. Please record this URL and your new password for your ongoing use.

Once you have logged into the Project Centre, you can edit your password at any time through My Account (accessed by clicking on your name found at the top right hand corner of the screen).

Getting Started:

Ordering a Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

To Order an LCP, log into the Project Center ("PC") and through the Available Action Buttons:

  1. Click the "+ Create new Project" blue button on the home page

  2. Enter your Consulting Company Name (this is your own name if you do not have a Company Name)

  3. To verify this, please click Consulting Companies located in the Left Hand listing on the home page.

  4. If this is not how you would like your account set up, please contact the Client Services Team.

  5. Your name as the Consultant, if your name is not displaying, please contact the Client Services Team

  6. For your first order with a new client, click the "Create new client" link

  7. Enter the Client Name and Industry

  8. Type in your Project Name (this does not appear on the Report)

  9. Choose the Product that you are ordering (LCP or LCP-ME)

  10. Enter all other Project details as required

Please Note:

  1. Survey information emails are not sent automatically, to send emails to Participants and Evaluators
    a) Click the "Send Invite" button found to the right of each Participant's Name
    b) To send to all Participants at once click "Send new Emails" (found in the More Actions drop down)
    c) Schedule a launch time and time zone when you set up the project or via the Options Tab

  2. You are billed by TLC Asia Pacific for completed Projects, up to 7 days after the Completion Date.

  3. Printed Profile(s) and Binder(s) will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days after the Completion Date.

  4. e-Profiles are available to download 15 minutes after the Run Report Date and Time.

The Information You Will Need When Ordering a Profile  

  1. Name of (Participant's) Company or Organisation (called a Client in the PC)

  2. Type of Industry (Participant's)

  3. Group or title of Participant (Leadership Team, CEO, etc)

  4. Do you want Short or Long Comments (refer below)

  5. Completion Date

  6. Run Report Date

  7. Participant name and email address

  8. Evaluator name and email address if you are setting up for your Participants.

You have an option for selecting Long or Short Write-in comments (included in the cost of the Profile). The difference between these options is:

Short Comments:  

  1. What should he/she stop doing?

  2. What should he/she start doing?

  3. What should he/she keep doing?

Long Comments:   

  1. In your opinion, what is this person's greatest leadership asset, skill or talent, and what suggestions do you have for leveraging this?

  2. In your opinion, what is this person's greatest leadership challenge or area for development, and what suggestions do you have for handling this?

  3. What have you observed about this person about which you would like to provide additional feedback to him/her that may not have been previously addressed in this assessment?

N.B. TLC AP recommend using Long Comments.

Reminder of Our Cancellation Policy

You are billed for a profile when the reports are run and the order completed. In the event that you cancel the profile order after it has gone live, you will be billed 50% of the price, provided that the report has not been printed.  You are responsible for the full price when the report has been printed.  For this reason we encourage you to obtain a financial commitment from your client before ordering your LCP or LCP-ME.

The Leadership Circle Price List


External Pricing applies to those TLC Consultants that consult into organisations. TLC products ordered will be used externally with their clients.

Internal Pricing applies to those TLC Consultants that work internally for an organisation. TLC Products ordered will be used internally within that organisation.

Project Center Resources


Walkthrough Project Centre Webinars

Here's a recording of a Walkthrough the Project Centre designed to help you find your way around and utilise all the features of the Project Centre.  Please click here:  https://youtu.be/Z3Y3E-EHjgE


Here are videos that walk you through creating a Profile project, managing your Profile project, accessing reports, etc.

Login Password

My Account Information

Create new Profile Project

Manage your Profile Project

Preview and Downloading Reports

The Community of Practice & Webinars

To support you in your ongoing development we provide Community of Practice events as well as ongoing webinars on a variety of topics. These include A Deep Dive Around the Circle Series and Project Centre and TLC Go! Training Webinars.

To see what is coming up and to register for upcoming events please visit the Calendar of Events.

To View Recordings of Previous Webinars and including the Deep Dive Around the Circle Series please visit the Practitioner Resources Page.


TLC Go! - TLC Resources at Your Fingertips

You have now been set up with a TLC Go! Login. Click here to learn more about this App.

TLC Go! – is your one stop shop for 24/7 access to a vast host of important TLC Resources including:

  • Certification materials and Support Resources at all times

  • The most up-to-date TLC materials

  • Vital marketing materials for prospective clients - and the ability to share directly from the application

  • Convenient access to The Leadership Circle Project Centre

Access Via Web Browser

Here is how to login:

  1. Go to: https://insitecloud.net/User/SignIn

  2. Username: Firstname.Lastname (enter your own Firstname.Lastname - Case sensitive eg. John.Smith)

  3. Password: TLCMarket2019 (Case sensitive)

Or Get the App

The great advantage of this App is that it can also be downloaded for free to your mobile device ie. Mobile Phone or Tablet. To find the application go to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store on your device. Search for "TLC Go!" by Insite Software Solutions. 

Introduction to TLC Go!

Please view this recording for more information about navigating around TLC Go!:  https://youtu.be/rcDIL6otE5I

 International Coach Federation, CCE Units

The approved International Coach Federation, CCE Units for this 3-day Certification workshop are:

  • ICF Core Competencies - 5.69 hours

  • Resources Development - 19.17 hours

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Your Client Services Team

If you have any questions or when you are ready for some assistance please contact the Client Services Team at projectsupport@theleadershipcircle.com.au

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